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Angus James

How did you get into fishing?

My father introduced me to Fishing at a very young age. I have many great memories of being on the water with him. It is a passion that I will cherish forever.

What inspires you about fishing?

I love being outdoors and Fishing is a way to really enjoy the environment! You can really feel apart of it when you're out on the water!

Where in Australia do you fish and what are your main target species?

After fishing in FNQ for many years I now live in country Victoria. My main target species are Redfin and Trout! I really enjoy hunting big Redfin! It is a real challenge to find the big ones over 40cm and I can't get enough of it!

What are 3 of your favourite species and why?

1. Jungle Perch fishing is a very visual style of fishing and it takes you into some beautiful country.

2. Barra fishing is full of adrenalin and is a real thrill when they jump out of the water.

3. Redfin are so much fun to target. The big ones fight hard on light gear and look amazing with there stunning red fins!

What are a few of your most memorable captures?

I once caught a Jungle Perch with a live Green Tree frog still inside its mouth! I will always remember watching that frog jump out onto the tree. One lucky frog!

Catching a PB Barra going 118cm with my Dad was a great memory I will always have! He taught me how to fish and I also got him onto his first Barra that day!

What are your go-to Tackle Tactics products and some tips for fishing them?

I love using Slim SwimZ! They are the perfect small baitfish presentation that will catch just about anything that swims.

Another favourite is the TT Lures Vortex Spinnerbait, it's my favourite lure for hunting big Redfin. They create lots of flash and vibration to trigger the strike.

What are your go-to Okuma products and why?

The Helios SX matched with the Cerros Spin is my favourite all-time combo. This weapon is perfect for all my fresh and light saltwater fishing. it is well balance and an absolute pleasure to flick all day long.

What species are on your bucket list and why?

I have always wanted to have a crack at the PNG Black Bass. They fight so hard and I would love to feel the power they have!

What is a piece of fishing advice that you've been given that still sticks with you?

I was once told, "A fisherman will never remember every fish they catch but they will always remember the places it takes them" This is so true!

3 tips for somebody new to fishing?

Ask other fisherman questions, most people love to help with fishing advice.

Watch Tackle Tactics TV for awesome tips on how to catch Australian Species.

Get out there and enjoy this great hobby!

Anything you would like to add?