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Owen McPaul

When it comes to choosing scents you really want to trust that what you are using is really beneficial and doing everything it claims on the bottle or jar. We all want to feel that what we are using is attracting the fish rather than disbursing them. The right scents can make the difference between a tough day's fishing and a memorable one and be the difference between beating a mate socially or a field of anglers competitively. Finally, through the company Tackle Tactics, there is a product on the Australian market that we can all have faith in - Pro-Cure Super Gel in 2oz bottles.

Pro-Cure has been successful all around the world and coming from a business that's been operating in the manufacturing of quality bait scents for over 25 years, you can trust that everything written on the bottle is true to its words. For those unfamiliar with Pro-Cure Super Gel, it is a scent that is made up of real ground baits that fish feed on, amino acids and stimulants that attract fish and encourage more aggressive and consistent bites. It is also made with a UV enhancement agent that helps not only lures but dead baits stand out in low level light and dirty water, giving the angler every chance of the chosen presentation being detected by a fish.

The design of the gel is so sticky that reapplying is required less often than most other scents out there, giving the everyday fisho greater bang for buck and the advantage of being confident that there is a good trace of scent at all times on their chosen presentation. Pro-Cure gels can be applied on absolutely everything from soft plastic lures to diving hard bodied lures, blades, spinnerbait skirts and Colorado's, surface lures, dead baits and the list goes on. Speaking for myself, I have already broken a few personal bests since using the product. I'm smearing it on everything and along with myself, a few others have already had podium placing competitive results in major tournaments.

Myself and a few other members of the Tackle Tactics crew were fortunate enough to be the first to get our hands on some sample bottles of the 9 flavours of Pro-Cure Super Gel chosen for Australian conditions for testing. These were sent for trials before the first shipment had made the docks of Australian shores for distribution. We had great success and with the team members being widely spread out over Australia, the species targeted were everything from the bread and butter species to tropical and deep water species. With flavours covering both fresh and salt water, there is definitely something in the range to benefit everyone. The great thing about the trials was that we were able to test it out on a lot of Australian species, before the Australian public got wind, giving us the opportunity to share what scents we thought worked well on particular species through social media and optimising the benefits for the public, in terms of choosing the right gel for the job when they were made available on your local tackle store shelf.

Another bonus was that we soon figured out that there was more than one stand out for most species, giving anglers more options during different times of the seasons, as we have different varieties of bait move in and out of our systems, with some more prominent than others in different systems or locations. The other great thing about Pro-Cure is that you no longer have to seek scented baits that are not 100% to your liking, profile or design wise. There is now something to apply to all your favourite lures and I'm pretty confident in saying that any of the flavours will give you an edge.

So with the warmer weather on our doorstep and more of us spending extra hours on the water with family and friends. Whether it be taking that holiday of a lifetime or just getting out looking for that fish of your dreams as you do every weekend, call into your local tackle store and grab a bottle or two to make that next trip a memorable one. Fish with an edge, fish with confidence, fish with Pro-Cure.

Cheers, Owen 

Click on the fish pics to see what flavour they were caught on.

Pro-Cure Super Gel is available in a variety of flavours to suit the mood of the fish, bait that's in the system, target species, selected lure or bait, or try changing flavours when the bite shuts down to switch the fish back on again. Flavours include -

#0500 - Garlic Plus Super Gel Scent
#0501 - Nightcrawler Super Gel Scent
#0502 - Mullet Super Gel Scent
#0503 - Bloody Tuna Super Gel Scent
#0504 - Shrimp Super Gel Scent
#0505 - Crawfish Super Gel Scent
#0506 - Blue Crab Super Gel Scent
#0507 - Inshore Saltwater Super Gel Scent
#0508 - Squid Super Gel Scent

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