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By Dave Brace

Bracey's top 5 tips for targeting bass in the skinny water!

  1. Some of the best times to be fishing in the upper reaches of freshwater creeks and rivers chasing these fish are around dawn and dusk when there is low light, especially when the barometric pressure is rising. Fishing at night is also very productive however logistically walking the banks and navigating through the riparian zone can be difficult. During these low light periods surface lures such as Z-Man's 4" Hard Leg FrogZ are a very productive presentation.
  2. If possible walk or paddle your kayak upstream in the direction opposite to the water flow. Make long casts and retrieve your lure presentation back with the current concentrating your efforts in fishing the bottom and the head of the water holes you come across. Cast past any snags or rock formations which lay in the middle of the water body your fishing being sure to keep your lure in the strike zone as long as possible by pausing your presentation occasionally. TT Lures range of Vortex and Striker spinnerbaits are ideal for this type of method of fishing.
  3. Concentrate in casting lures close to undercut rocky ledges, over hanging branches of trees and shrubs with dense foliage and native grasses, especially where there is a backflow of the water current which is commonly called an 'Eddie'. Where there is more structure to target, casting spinnerbaits and soft plastics rigged weedless can be a more effective presentation which allows the lure to swim deeper among the labyrinth of timber lying below the water surface.
  4. When targeting fish within dense aquatic weed, rigging a #3 Jig Spinner to a HeadlockZ jig head creates an extremely effective weed guard which prevents the hook being fouled by the vegetation. The flash and vibration of the willow blade on the Jig Spinner is also a fantastic attractant for the fish to hone in on among this type of structure.
  5. Mix up lure presentations to ascertain what the fish are taking a liking to, from a more natural look with a subtle vibration such as the Z-Man 2.5" or a 3" GrubZ to a lure whereby a TT Lures Switchblade could be used which pronounces its whereabouts within the water column due to its aggressive vibrating attributes. Another option is to attach a soft plastic trailer to a Chatterbait or Spinnerbait which in turn enhances the size of the lures profile. 

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