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Richard Quincey

Well, how good is the Grass KickerZ? 

I have been using these 5" ZMan plastics in North Queensland on barramundi for about a year now with great results and my recent two trips propelled them way up my soft plastic favourites list with a personal best on two species, a 53cm mangrove jack and my first metre saltwater barramundi.

I like to fish the ZMan 5" Grass KickerZ paired with either the TT Lures Snagless Weight System (SWS) (now available in a ChinlockZ SWS) or Snake Head jighead, as they are both extremely snag resistant. This allows me to get them deep into the timber or mangrove prop roots. To make them as snag resistant as possible, it is important to rig them carefully, so that the hook lays nice and flat along the back of the plastic. Remember to add a micro dot of super glue up front on the locking bend to stop them sliding down the hook.

Back to my first metre barra...

I was fishing a deep, steep sloping and very heavily timbered stretch of creek mouth using a Grass KickerZ rigged on an 8/0 Snake Head in 1/4oz. The tides were neap and I had the boat in close to the bank, held steady with the electric motor. Casting long, up current, I was fishing along the edge with a spin stick, 4000 spinning reel and 30 pound braid. Patiently, I waited for the lure to sink all the way to the bottom and when it touched down I lifted it a foot or so, slow and steady to help it slide over the timber that was regularly encountered on the retrieve. I find that the large, aggressive paddle tail on the Grass KickerZ creates a great action on even a slow lift. I let the lure sink again and continued this process all the way back to the boat. The lure hooked up a couple of times but they all came off when I was positioned on top of the snag. 

It was a slow mornings fishing, in fact not a touch for about an hour. There were only a few fish showing on the sounder, but they were decent sized fish in a renowned big fish creek. After some perseverance, a long cast, one lift off the bottom and then....BOOF!  A big first run and heading mid-stream, yeah! This was followed by a second big run, still heading to open water. I was in pursuit to get the boat well away from the heavy timber. 

Once clear I backed the drag off a bit and I had a great fight that included some more solid runs. I knew it was a big fish and I was ecstatic when I saw her emerge beside the boat for the first time. A couple more mandatory runs when she saw the boat and then I landed my first metre barramundi. At no time did she jump or come to the top to shake her head, with the 8/0 Snake Head jighead locked solidly in the corner of the mouth. 

I like fishing with as light a weight as the tide and wind will allow, to give the plastic a slow natural decent and a natural look when the rod tip is given a flick.  For this I rigged them on a TT Lures Snagless Weight System. While 6/0's work fine, experience with barra makes me lean to the 8/0 for a better hook up rate. I think the larger hook also adds a great body roll on a slow retrieve.

It was a pearl Grass KickerZ rigged on an 8/0 SWS that accounted for my other recent personal best, a 53 cm mangrove jack. I was fishing along a mangrove lined creek bank, casting into the edge of the timber. With the lightly weighted SWS it took a little while to sink all the way to the bottom. 

With this fish all that was required was a nice tight cast and the willingness to let it sink without interference. Then whack and a solid run toward cover. I made a quick decision to stop the spool with my thumb and pulled the first run up just as the jack nudged a snag. It was enough to turn its head away from the structure and steer it back out away from danger and into deeper water.

The year has certainly started out well thanks to the ZMan Grass Kickerz and TT jigheads, and I am hoping it continues that way!

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