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By Bryce Francis

Over the last few months I have been using the ZMan StreakZ and in particular the 3.75" size. I like to get the StreakZ moving quite quickly for pelagic species such as trevally, tailor and queenfish, or work them slower for fish like tarpon, grunter and flathead. The new TT Lures DemonZ jigheads are a perfect match for the ZMan 3.75" StreakZ, with a 5/0 TT HeadlockZ HD preferred for the larger ZMan 5" StreakZ. If the bait is small the 3.75" can also be cut down to around 3" to match the bait size. Always use some Pro-Cure Mullet Super Gel Scent in the belly slot when the bite is tough.

The gear that I normally use is a 1-4kg rod of around 7' with a 1000 size reel, loaded with 6-8lb braid and 4-8lb leader. This will be fine in most cases but when targeting tailor off the beaches, throwing the ZMan 5" StreakZ on 3/4oz jigheads, a slightly longer and heavier rod is needed, in which case I use a 3-6kg rod at 7'8" and a 3000 size reel with 10-15lb braid and 15-20lb leader.

Trevally are my favourite species. They are aggressive and sometimes will eat anything, while at other times they are so fussy and you can go through every lure you have in an attempt to find out what will work. There are six main species of trevally that inhabit the SEQ river systems; GT's, tealeaf, bigeye, golden, diamond and cale cale.

Like most fish, trevally will hang in areas that hold a lot of bait, such as rock bars, current and colour lines, marinas, river mouths, flats and at night around lights shining into the water. The GT's, bigeye and tealeaf trevally will bust up bait on the surface, especially early morning and late afternoon. The diamond, cale cale and golden trevally will sometimes sit just underneath the bust ups and feed on whatever drifts down. In this situation throw past the school and a full speed retrieve through them, just under the surface, is good for the GT's, bigeye and tealeaf, or you can sink the StreakZ down and hop it along the bottom for golden, cale cale or diamond trevally.

In other situations, where the trevally are sitting on or close to the bottom, I normally use a 3.75" StreakZ rigged on a 1/4oz or 3/8oz TT DemonZ jighead. The retrieve is three to six aggressive hops, that get the lure darting from side to side on the way up, then allow it to sink back to the bottom. I will normally have another rod rigged up with a 3.75" StreakZ on a 1/6oz DemonZ, so that I can also use a less aggressive retrieve with two to four small hops and then keep the lure close to the bottom. I find that the more aggressive option normally works better. If you notice that they are feeding on larger baitfish, such as gar or mullet, try a 5" StreakZ in Bubble Gum colour, rigged on a 3/8oz 5/0 HeadlockZ HD jighead. My favourite colours in the 3.75" StreakZ are Baby Bass, Watermelon Red and Bloodworm rigged on the DemonZ jigheads.

Tailor are very similar to trevally as in what type of areas they like, what they eat and are just as aggressive. They love to eat the larger profiled lures and this is where the ZMan 5" StreakZ works best. Tailor are normally found schooling up in current lines, river mouths, deep channels and rock bars harassing baitfish. When they are like this a 3.75" StreakZ on a 3/8 DemonZ or a 5" StreakZ rigged on a 3/8 5/0 HeadlockZ HD sunk down to the bottom and given 5 or 6 large hops and repeated works really well. If they are busting up on the surface they will often be mixed in with trevally so the full speed retrieve using a 5" Bubble Gum coloured StreakZ works best.

Another great way to target tailor is off the beach in deep surf gutters or on the flats. Just look for bait balls within casting distance and cast around them. A 5" StreakZ in Bubble Gum colour rigged on a 3/4 5/0 HeadlockZ HD is the go and using a constant retrieve so the lure darts from side to side all the way back to the bank.

Queenfish hang in the same areas as tailor and trevally, hunting baitfish. They love lures worked at speed and also love pink colours. Once you have found a school of queenfish use a 3.75" StreakZ in Coconut Ice Glow or Opening Night colour or a 5" StreakZ in Bubble Gum colour and let the lure sink to the bottom then full speed it for around 5 to 10m, before allowing it to sink back to the bottom and continue this to the boat.

A fun way to target queenfish is on the flats. Sight cast them if the water is clear enough or find the bait balls. A lot of the time they will be feeding on garfish so a 5" StreakZ matches gar perfectly. A 3/8oz 5/0 HeadlockZ HD jighead on a Bubble Gum coloured StreakZ is a good place to start. Cast towards the school, let the lure sink to the bottom and then use a constant retrieve back to the boat or a full speed retrieve just under the surface works really well. Often when you are bringing a queeny back towards the boat a few more will be trying to steal the lure out of its mouth, so if you are fishing with someone else be ready to get another lure in there.

If you are keen on getting stuck into a few trevally, queenfish and tailor, grab a few packs of StreakZ and have a go in your local estuary!

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